Title Date Author
Data Breach Investigations Report 2009 Verizon Download
Is There a Cost to Privacy Breaches? An Event Study 06/05 Carnegie Mellon University Download
Calculating the Cost of a Security Breach 04/07 Forrester Research View
Information security breaches survey 2006 04/06 PricewaterhouseCoopers Download
2007 Annual Study: U.S. Cost of a Data Breach 11/07 Ponemon Institute, PGP Corporation and Vontu Download
They Want to Know: The Opinions of AARP Members in West Virginia About Data Breach Notification Legislation 02/08 AARP View
Gartner Survey Shows Frequent Data Security Lapses and Increased Cyber Attacks Damage Consumer Trust in Online Commerce 06/05 Gartner Inc. View
The Challenge of Data Leakage For Businesses and Employees Around the World 08/08 Insight Express Download
Consumer Survey on Data Breach Notification 06/08 Javelin Strategy and Research Download
Results of Survey Assessing the Business Impact of Data Security Breach 05/07 Ponemon Institute Download
Ponemon Institute Examines Consumers Response to Data BreachNotice 04/08 Ponemon Institute Download
Into the Breach: Security Breaches and Identity Theft 07/06 AARP View
Do Data Breach Disclosure Laws Reduce Identity Theft? 06/08 Heinz School of Public Policy and Management, Carnegie Mellon University View
Dos and Don’ts of data breach and information security policy 07/05 Hunton & Williams LLP Download
Data Breach Harm Analysis from ID Analytics Uncovers New Patterns of Misuse Arising from Breaches of Identity Data 11/07 ID Analytics, Inc. View
2008 Data Breach Investigations Report 06/05 Verizon Business RISK Team Download
Data Hung Out To Dry: 9,000 USBs Left in Dry Cleaners 03/09 Credant Technologies View
2008 Data Breaches and Financial Crimes Scare Consumers Away 02/09 Gartner, Inc. View
Personal Information: Data Breaches Are Frequent, but Evidence of Resulting Identity Theft Is Limited; However, the Full Extent Is Unknown 06/07 Government Accountability Office Download
Identity Theft Risk: Huge Amount Of Sensitive Data Still On Redundant Computer Hard Disks 11/08 Information Security Research, at British Telecommunications View
Online banking use widespread, study finds 06/05 Forrester Research and Flamingo International View
Lessons Learned about Data Breach Notification 04/07 GAO Download
Data Breaches Are Frequent, but Evidence of Resulting Identity Theft Is Limited; However, the Full Extent Is Unknown 05/07 GAO Download
Gartner Says Rash of Personal Data Thefts Shows Social Security Numbers Can No Longer Be Sole Proof of Identity for Enterprises 06/06 Gartner Inc. View
Identity Theft Prevention and Detection: Are Your Branch Banking Customers at Risk? 06/05 International Communications Research, Inc. View
New Federal Personal Health Information Breach Notification Law HITECH Act— A Tsunami of Opportunity 04/09 Javelin Strategy & Research View
2008 Study on the Uncertainty of Data Breach Detection 06/08 Ponemon Institute View
Data Breach Notification Law Across the World from California to Australia 2009 University of New South Wales Faculty of Law Research Series View
2009 Data Breach Investigations Report 04/09 Verizon Business RISK team Download
Identity Theft and Employer Liability 01/07 Worldwide Assistance Download
Consumer Fraud: A 2008 Survey of AARP Colorado Members’ Experiences and Opinions 10/08 AARP View
AARP Bulletin Survey on Identity Theft: Executive Summary 08/08 AARP View
Consumer Fraud: A 2006 Survey of AARP Idaho Members' Experiences and Opinions 09/06 AARP View
AARP New York Identity Theft Poll 03/06 AARP View
To Catch a Thief: Are Identity Theft Services Worth the Cost? 03/09 Consumer Federation of America Download
Federal Trade Commission 2006 Identity Theft Survey Report, prepared by Synovate 11/07 Federal Trade Commission Download
Consumer Fraud and Identity Theft Complaint Data, January-December 2006 02/07 Federal Trade Commission Download
Financial Insights Survey Measures Impact of Identity Theft on Banking Relationships 06/07 Financial Insights, an IDC company View
Gartner Says Number of Identity Theft Victims Has Increased More Than 50 Percent Since 2003 03/07 Gartner Inc. View
Two Out Of Five Identity Theft Victims Know Source Of Crime, According To Identity Theft Assistance Center Survey 01/07 Identity Theft Assistance Center View
Identity Theft: The Aftermath 2006 11/09 Identity Theft Resource Center Download
Americans More Concerned About Tax Refund Than Protecting Against Identity Theft 02/09 KRC Research View
Don’t Let Identity Thieves Steal Your Holiday Spirit 12/07 Mississippi Insurance Department Download
ID Theft Causes Serious Issues In Tough Economy 03/09 MRSI View
Nationwide Insurance survey finds more Americans unable to recover from ID theft in tough economy 03/09 MRSI View
Thirteenth Annual NACAA/CFA Consumer Complaint Survey Report 02/05 NACAA Download
Survey: ID theft hard to shake off 07/05 Nationwide Mutual Insurance View
Fear of Identity Theft and Credit Card Fraud Worry Consumers During the 2005 Holiday Season, According to IBM Survey 11/05 Opinion Research Corporation View
Leap of Faith:Using the Internet Despite the Dangers 10/05 Princeton Survey Research Associates View
Identity Theft Twice as Likely in English-Speaking Countries 10/08 Safety Study View
Medical Identity Theft Survey Reveals Consumers Are Concerned About the Privacy and Protection of Their Medical Records 12/06 The Benchmarking Company View
Fighting Identity Theft: Lessons from the United Kingdom 06/06 AARP View
Protecting Your Name: A Survey of Montanans on Identity Theft 02/06 AARP View
Identity Theft in The Global Village: 50+ Perspective 06/05 AARP View
Gone Phishing: The Internet and Identity Theft 06/05 AARP View
Stealing Your Good Name: A Survey of Washington State Residents 18+ on Identity Theft Incidence and Prevention 02/05 AARP View
Oklahoma Legislative Issues Survey: Identity Theft 01/05 AARP View
80% of Americans Say They Are Concerned About Identity Theft 02/09 Bankrate, Inc. Download
Identity Theft, 2004 (National Crime Victimization Survey) 06/05 Bureau of Justice Statistics Download
Consumer Sential Network Databook for January - December, 2008 02/09 Consumer Sentinel Network Download
Identity Theft: A Study in Contact Centres 06/08 Department of Management, University of Strathclyde Download
New Identity Theft Survey Reveals Latest Count of Victims, Need for Greater Protection; First Data and Regions Team to Fight Back 05/05 First Data Corp Download
Growing Financial Crime Threats: New Payment Methods, Identity Theft, and Eastern Europe 11/08 Fortent View
Medical Identity Theft 12/06 Gartner Inc. View
The Truth Behind Identity Theft Numbers 02/07 Gartner Inc. View
Phishing Attack Victims Likely Targets for Identity Theft 05/04 Gartner Inc. Download
Avoiding Online Identity Theft and Representing its Victims 12/08 Hartman & Winnicki Download
Technological innovation fuels identity theft fraud epidemic 10/06 ICJIA Download
Worldwide Identity Theft Black Market 2006/10 Forecast 12/06 IDC View
The 2007 Identity Fraud Survey Report 02/07 Javelin Strategy & Research View
Identity Fraud Has Dropped Since 2003, Survey Shows 02/07 Javelin Strategy & Research Download
Why Women Suffer More Identity Theft and Fraud than Men 02/09 Javelin Strategy & Research View
2009 Identity Fraud Survey Report: Consumer Version 02/09 Javelin Strategy & Research Download
New Research Shows Identity Fraud Growth Is Contained and Consumers Have More Control Than They Think 01/06 Javelin Strategy and Research View
Child Identity Theft Study 10/08 Javelin Strategy and Research Download
Towards A Market For Bank Safety 06/05 Loyola University Chicago Download
Recommendations for a Comprehensive Identity Theft Victimization Survey Framework and Information Technology Prevention Strategies 04/06 Rochester Institute of Technology Download
Identity Theft: Findings and Public Policy Recommendations 06/05 Saint Xavier University Download
Identity theft: many Canadian adults still in the dark about the serious repercussions this phenomenon could have on their lives 03/08 Sigma Assistel Download
Five Certainties in the Uncertain World of Identity Theft 11/04 TowerGroup Download
Identity Theft Literature Review 07/05 U.S. Department of Justice View
Bureau of Justice Statistics Special Report, National Crime Victimization Survey, Identity Theft, 2005 11/07 U.S. Dept. of Justice View
Identity Theft: Making the Known Unknowns Known 2007 University of California, Berkeley View
Zogby Poll: Most Americans Worry About Identity Theft 04/07 Zogby International View
CIMIP Study Reveals New Findings About ID Theft Cases 10/07 Center for Identity Management & Information Protection View
Protecting Social Security Numbers from Identity Theft 09/05 AARP View
Affinion Security Center Launches Comprehensive Identity Theft Protection: IdentitySecure 09/08 Affinion Security Center Download
ONLINE WORRIES REMAIN HIGH, ACI SURVEY SHOWS; Consumers Most Concerned about Identity theft, Viruses, Privacy and Spyware 03/09 American Consumer Institute (ACI) View
Reports show identity theft is a growing business, costing billions 11/07 California Office of Privacy Protection View
Fleishman - Hillard SME Identity Theft Survey 08/06 Fleishman - Hillard Download
Gartner says that rash of ID theft cases indicates need for increased focus on security policies in Australia 07/06 Gartner Inc. View
Gartner Says 7.5 Percent of U.S. Adults Lost Money as a Result of Some Sort of Financial Fraud in 2008 03/09 Gartner Inc. View
Identity Theft and Security of Health Information Are Related HIPAA Solutions, LC Download
Survey: One in Five Americans Have Been Victims of Identity Fraud 07/05 Impulse Research View
Profiling “Severely Injured” Identity Fraud Victims: Using Triage to Ease the Pain of Customers “At Risk” 03/09 Javelin Strategy & Research Download
Identity Theft: The Aftermath 2008 05/09 Identity Theft Resource Center Download
Workers 'stealing company data' 02/09 Maggie Shiels, Technology reporter, BBC News, Silicon Valley View
Identity Theft 01/07 McAfee Download
Identity Theft 06/04 Office of Community Oriented Policing Services, U.S. Department of Justice Download
Medical Identity Theft Final Report 01/09 Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology Download
Consumers Are Not Prepared To Combat Identity Theft 10/04 Ponemon Institute View
10 Minutes on Data and Identity Theft 06/05 PricewaterhouseCoopers Download
Identity Theft Remains a Concern for Bank Customers Amid Economic Slowdown 10/08 Secure Identity Systems Download
Understanding the FDIC’s Report on Account-Hijacking Identity Theft 06/05 SystemExperts Download
Awareness of Security Freeze Legislation and Use of Security Freezes by Consumers Age 18+ (November 2007) 11/07 AARP Download
Barriers to the Use of Security Freezes by Older Consumers (November 29, 2007) 11/07 AARP Download
Barriers to the Use of Security Freezes by Older Consumers 10/07 AARP View
Security Freeze Legislation: Consumer Attitudes on Paying Activation and Lifting Fees 04/06 AARP View
Identity Theft Coverage 10/05 AIG Companies Download
TO CATCH A THIEF: ARE IDENTITY THEFT SERVICES WORTH THE COST? 03/09 Consumer Federation of America (CFA) Download
Fraud Alert Study, August 2006 08/06 Debix Download
Consumer Participation: A Powerful Weapon in the Fight Against identity Theft 05/08 Debix Download
Identity Theft Protection - Shredders Prevent Identity Theft 05/07 Fellowes, Inc View
The Complex Universe of Identity Theft 06/05 Frank W. Abagnale Download
Gartner Survey Shows Most U.S. Consumers Are Not Interested in Using Credit Report Monitoring Services 11/07 Gartner Inc. View
Identity Theft Risk Management Survey and Report 08/08 ICFE Download
Identity Theft Risk Management Survey and Report 08/08 ICFE Download
Identity Theft Restoration: Growing Need, Emerging Opportunity 12/08 ID Experts Restore™ Download
Unisys Research Shows Banks Face Potential Customer Exodus Over Identity Theft 11/04 International Communications Research (ICR) View
Letix Launches First National Collaborative System to Combat Identity Theft 12/06 LETIX Download
Survey Says LifeLock Cuts Risk of Identity Theft in Half 01/07 LifeLock identity theft prevention service Download
ID theft puts chill into shoppers: Survey finds many favor account freezes 07/06 Massachusetts Public Interest Research Group. View
Online Identity Theft: Changing the Game 06/05 Microsoft Corp Download
Sallie Mae survey shows most customers take measures to guard against identity theft 06/07 Sallie Mae View
Identity theft services emerge as a new employee benefit 08/08 SRP Download
HSBC Survey: Consumers Slow to Seek Free Credit Reports, Despite Identity Theft Fears 18/10-05 TNS-NFO View
Caught in the NET: A Survey of Orlando Area Residents 40+ About Online Use and Safety 12/06 AARP View
Caught in the NET: A Survey of Los Angeles Area Residents 40+ About Online Use and Safety 11/06 AARP View
Caught in the NET: A Survey of Philadelphia Area Residents 40+ About Online Use and Safety 10/06 AARP View
Caught in the NET: A Survey of Raleigh-Durham Area Residents 40+ About Online Use and Safety 10/06 AARP View
Caught in the NET: A Survey of Charlotte Area Residents 40+ About Online Use and Safety 10/06 AARP View
Caught in the NET: A Survey of New York City Area Residents 40+ About Online Use and Safety 10/06 AARP View
Caught in the NET: A Survey of Chicago Area Residents 40+ About Online Use and Safety 09/06 AARP View
Security of Paper Documents in the Workplace 10/08 Alliance for Secure Business Information Download
Most U.S. Residents Not Safeguarding Against Identity Theft; Confusion Over Cost, Time and Alternatives Cited by Most According to New AuthenTec Survey 09/06 AuthenTec View
These online surveys are not based on probability samples and therefore no estimates of theoretical sampling error can be calculated. 06/05 Deloitte Download
Survey Finds Identity Theft Negatively Impacting Consumer Use of the Internet 11/04 Entrust Download
Brand Hijacking and Identity Theft: Don't Get Hooked by Phishing 05/05 First Data Corp View
Gartner Says U.S. Bank Spending on Fraud and Authentication Is Rising 07/08 Gartner Inc. View
Gartner Survey Ranks Viruses and Worms as Top IT Security Threats 06/05 Gartner Inc. View
New Gartner Hype Cycle Highlights Five High Impact IT Security Risks 09/06 Gartner Inc. View
Identity Theft Impacting the Uptake of On-Line Banking & E-Commerce 06/05 Greenfield Online and View
Exchange of Information Through Seemingly Harmless Behaviors Jeopardizing Safety and Confidentiality 04/08 Harris Interactive View
Identity Theft Remains a Concern for Bank Customers Amid Economic Slowdown 10/08 Harris Interactive Download
Online Security and Privacy Study 03/09 Harris Interactive Download
2008 HIMSS Security Survey 10/08 HIMSS Download
2008 HIMSS Analytics Report: Security of Patient Data 04/08 HIMSS Download
Identity management in the 21st century 07/08 IBM Global Business Services Download
Bankers Need to Maintain Vigilance To Eliminate Identity Theft 06/07 ID Insight, Inc. Download
Consumers Speak About Identity Theft: Does Perception Equal Reality for U.S. Banks? 06/07 IDC View
ID Theft Concerns Change U.S. Consumer Banking Behaviors 03/05 IDC View
Identity Theft Red Flags Rule Survey: Executive Summary Now Available 06/05 Information Security Media Group Download
Measuring the Return on IT Security Investments 12/07 Intel IT Download
Javelin Finds More Banks Using Multi-factor Authentication 11/07 Javelin Strategy & Research Download
Survey Finds Retailers Missed Out on $21 Billion in Sales in 2008 Due to Online Shopping Fears 03/09 Javelin Strategy & Research Download
Can smart cards reduce payments fraud and identity theft? 12/08 Kansas City: Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Download
RSA Security Study Shows Identity Theft Awareness High, But Consumer Confidence Low 02/04 Opinion Research Corporation View
Identity Theft: Where Do We Go From Here? 04/04 Payment Cards Center Download
IT Security & Authentication: Key Concerns in 2008 06/05 PhoneFactor Download
Identity Theft and E-Fraud as Critical CRM Concerns 06/05 Robert Morris University Download
2009 Storage and Security in SMBs 04/09 Symantec View
Symantec Survey Identifies Canada's Safest 'Cyber City' 12/07 Symantec Corporation View
New Trend in Cyber Crime: Unprecedented Rise in Identity Theft Related Searches 01/09 Tiversa View
TNS/TRUSTe Holiday Shopping Survey Shows Identity Theft, Spam, and Spyware To Be Top Concerns With Shopping Online 11/05 TRUSTe View
Banks drop, tech firms rise in privacy trust rankings 01/09 TRUSTe Download
TRUSTe Survey Findings Indicate Majority of Small Businesses Neglect Vital Privacy Measures 03/09 TRUSTe View
The Case for Email Encryption 03/09 ZIXCORP Download
The President’s Task Force Report IdentIty theft 09/08 Identity Theft Task Force Download
Blue Cross And Blue Shield Anti-Fraud Units Recover And Save More Than $249 Million In 2007 06/08 Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association Download
Survey Finds Consumer’s Missing Easy Opportunity to Prevent Identity Theft 02/08 eCreditFreeze, LLC Download
Misunderstandings of Identity Theft Leave Americans Vulnerable 03/07 Fellowes, Inc. View